Halloween Party Games

Halloween is coming up quickly so if you’re throwing a party, we’ve got some great ideas to keep the ghouls and goblins entertained. Read on for Halloween party games the entire family can play for a screaming good time.

Pop Goes the Pumpkin
This Halloween party game is all the rage on Pinterest. Fill orange balloons with candy and confetti, inflate and arrange them on the wall in the shape of a pumpkin. Kids can throw darts at the balloons or pop them with pushpins to collect candy.

Photo Credit: MarthaStewart.com

Bandage the Mummy
This is a fast and fun Halloween party game that anyone can play. Separate players into teams. Each team will compete to wrap one team member up the fastest using a roll of toilet paper.

Cauldron Bean Bag Toss
Set up mini plastic cauldrons into a square or triangle shape on the floor. Players can toss small bean bags or ping pong balls into the cauldron for points. To go with the theme, you can decorate your bean bags or ping pong balls as bats or spiders. You can find mini plastic cauldrons at most dollar stores.

Crystal Ball Bowl
Decorate a glass bowl to look like a Fortune Teller’s crystal ball. Write fortunes on pieces of paper. Be creative with your fortunes by writing silly fortunes, bad fortunes, pranks and even prizes. Have guests pull out a fortune to try their luck. (Idea from http://www.bhg.com/halloween/parties/crystal-ball-bowl/)

Photo Credit: BHG.com

Costume Contest
Lastly, no Halloween Party is complete without a Halloween costume contest. Let guests know in advance so they can dress their best. You can create different judging categories like Scariest Costume, Most Unique Costume, Funniest Costume, Homemade Costume, or Group Costume. For Halloween costume ideas, you can visit our website.

For more Halloween party ideas, visit our Pinterest board Halloween Fun. Also visit Purecostumes.com for all your Halloween costume needs. We, at Pure Costumes, are wishing you all a Happy Halloween!

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