Play Dress-Up with Costumes this Christmas!

The air has gotten crisp, stores are offering extended hours, and you’re already thinking about winter vacation. In other words, it’s Christmas time again! For parents, the month of December can be stressful. Between wish lists for Santa and month-long holiday shopping, there’s much to be done! This year, we’d like to help you out by giving you some gift ideas that will please both you and your children: costumes!

If you missed out this Halloween on getting your child that costume they really wanted, Christmas is the perfect time to surprise them with it. They’ll love that they finally got the costume they've been eyeing, and you’ll love knowing that they love their gift! The best part of all? You’ll actually be helping them learn. Playing pretend and dress-up is an important part of childhood development. It helps children develop social skills such as communication, problem solving and empathy. In addition, it strengthens the imagination, which will help cultivate your child’s artistic skills and serve as a foundation for future skill sets. So, without further ado, check out some of our favorite kids' costumes that are perfect for playtime!

Pirates. Playing a game of pirates is always a whole lot of fun. Our kids’ pirate costumes are just the thing to get their imaginations going. They can be captains of the ship or members of the crew, setting off on an adventure to discover new lands. Better yet, you can get in on the fun too and lead them on a hunt for buried treasure!

The Wiggles Captain Feathersword Toddler Costume

Disney Princesses. If your daughter loves dressing up, then our Disney princess costumes will make a great Christmas present! She can relive her favorite Disney fairy tale dressed as her beloved heroine all year long. With these beautiful princess costumes, her favorite pretend games will be twice as much fun!

Disney Princess Cinderella Light-Up Deluxe Child Costume

Action Heroes. All year long, your heroic little wonder can run around the house kicking bad-guy butt and protecting the innocent dressed as one of their favorite superheroes or TV show characters! Your kids will not only have a blast taking down some evil villains; our action hero costumes will encourage exercise and physical movement as they run around, showing off their fighting moves! Here are a few of our most popular costumes:

Marvel Superhero Squad Hulk Toddler Costume

Your kids won’t want to wait to play pretend after finding a new costume on Christmas day! It will be a refreshing break from video games and TV to see them using their imaginations. Best of all, they’ll be able to play with it all year long! For more ideas on kids costumes for gifting, visit our website,

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