Monster Madness: Monsters University Finally in Theaters!

If you’re a huge Disney fan like we are, then you must be just as excited about Monsters University FINALLY premiering tomorrow! It seems like it’s been a lifetime since we've first seen the trailer, but the day is now upon us and we couldn't be more hyped. This sequel (which is really a prequel) will take us back to the beginning when Mike and Sully first met. According to Disney, this is a tale about how two college rivals learn to become the best of friends. We’re expecting this film to be heartwarming, hilarious and an all-around great time for the whole family! To commemorate the premiere, we wanted to give you a firsthand preview at this year’s new Monsters University costumes. Many of these costumes are already available, but the rest are scheduled to be in for well before Halloween. With styles for the whole family, everyone can get in on the fun!

This Halloween, how can you resist dressing up your little ones in these adorable infant and toddler costumes? With these MU costumes, your tots can train to be top scarers at Monsters University this fall!

Monsters University Mike Classic Infant Costume
Monster's University Sulley Girl Deluxe Infant/Toddler Costume

Mom and dad can get wild too with these fun monster costumes for adults! Here are a couple of fun styles for the guys and the gals!

Monsters University Mike Deluxe Adult Costume
Monsters University Sassy Sulley Adult Costume

For those who want a fun accessory to show their Disney fandom, these new Monsters University hats are just what you need! Wear them anytime, anywhere and let everyone know who you’re favorite monsters are!

Monsters University Mike Deluxe Hoodie Hat

Monsters University Sulley Deluxe Hoodie Hat

So, are you with Team Mike or Team Sully? Let us know which costume is your favorite! Monsters University is expected to be a huge summer hit and these costumes may be hard to find come Halloween time, so make sure you get yours early! For extra savings, remember to like us on Facebook for an exclusive coupon and follow us on Twitter for the latest promotions. Last but not least, remember to “scare because you care!”

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