Career Costumes for Kids

Fall is here, the kids are back to school, and before you know it, it will be October again. We know that Halloween is one of the most important holidays of the year for children. It’s the one day they can dress as whatever they want to be and get tons of free candy! As a parent, we know how important it is for you to make your child’s holiday perfect, so we’re giving you some great costume ideas to help you find the perfect one. This week, we’re featuring a few of our children’s career costumes. Since the kids are back at school, they might have found some inspiration in regards to their future career path. With these professional-looking uniforms, your kids can feel all grown up just like their favorite workplace heroes!

Police Officer
This Halloween, your child may want to become a real city hero and dress up as a police officer. They are the brave individuals who have made it their duty to protect the neighborhood from crime. Without a doubt, there’s no greater honor for a child than becoming part of the force, even just for one night!

Police Officer Child Costume

Maybe this year, your child has decided that he would like to embark on a space exploration. If that’s the case, then this kid’s astronaut costume is perfect! With this realistic looking space jumpsuit, your child can reach for the stars this Halloween!

Astronaut Explorer Child Costume

Perhaps your child is more interested in the medical field. If they have an interest in science and are motivated by helping others, then this doctor costume is just the cure! This great costume comes complete with a set of scrubs and a lab coat to make your child look and feel like a real MD!

Doctor Scrubs with Lab Coat Child Costume

Lastly, if your child would rather battle burning buildings than bad guys, then he’ll definitely need this firefighter costume. This complete costume includes a jacket, pants and hat for a firefighter uniform that is spot on!

Fire Squad Firefighter Child Costume

With these great new career costumes, your child will be ready to enter the workforce this Halloween! As a parent, you couldn't be more proud of what your child views as the true heroes of the world. If you love these costumes, you can find them and more on our website! Don’t forget to sign up for our Pure Rewards program to earn points for store cash on every purchase. As a bonus, you’ll automatically get 10 points when you sign up, which can go towards your first purchase.

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