Top Tween Costumes for 2013

Has your daughter hit that awkward stage of in her life? She’s not quite a teenager yet, but she sure is eager to act like one! No doubt that this Halloween, she’ll want a grown up costume too. However, we know that as a parent, you want to make sure that she goes out in a stylish, yet appropriate costume. Today, we’re going to help you out in that department by highlighting our top tween costumes for this season. These costumes are trendy and fashionable, and perfect for her age! Get her any one of these hot picks and she’ll think you’re the coolest parent ever! Best of all, they’re also age-appropriate, so you don’t have to worry about her getting in trouble.

Miss Monster High
Is your daughter a Monster High maven? Then this year, she can be just as fabulous as those pretty little ghouls with one of our Monster High costumes. Our favorite this year is this new Draculaura costume below. With this pretty costume, she’ll be the coolest ghoul in school this Halloween!

Monster High Draculaura Sweet 1600 Costume

Demented Dolls
One of the hottest trends for girls this year is dolls. We’re not talking about traditional Raggedy Ann dolls. We’re talking about creepy dolls, the ones that make your skin crawl! This particular costume here has an eerie sense of childhood gone awry. It’s darling, yet very disturbing and is perfect for Halloween!

Broken Doll Tween Costume

Steampunk Sweetheart
While we’re talking about trends, steampunk-inspired costumes are HUGE right now! The concept of sci-fi meets the Industrial Revolution is one that has propelled into mainstream culture thanks to Dr. Whovians. This featured costume is as stylish as it is inventive and will make her a real trendsetter this year.

Steampunk Girl Tween Costume

Cleopatra Cutie
Lastly, when it comes to timeless style, there’s none other that comes to mind than the famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra! The woman powerful enough to rule one of the greatest civilizations of all time is just the kind of role model your tween needs. With this costume, she can channel the beautiful and powerful Cleopatra and rule her class!

Dark Egyptian Princess Tween Costume

With Halloween only a couple months away, it’s a great time to start shopping and with these tween costumes, you can’t go wrong! If you loved these styles and want more costume ideas for the rest of the family, make sure you follow us on Pinterest where we’re sharing the hottest trends for Halloween 2013. On that note, it’s time for us to go but we’ll catch up with you next time!

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