Darling Disney Babies

Halloween is the perfect time to dress up your baby, and this year, there’s nothing more charming than our newest Disney costumes! This year, we've brought in more characters than ever; from the classic Disney cartoons of old to the exciting Disney-Pixar creations that have burst onto the scene more recently. If you’re a huge Disney fan, then you’ll love these baby costumes just as much as we do! Check out our favorites below!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse
When we think of Disney characters, nothing comes to mind faster than Walt’s most original creation, Mickey Mouse, and his best gal, Minnie! We've got several Mickey and Minnie costumes to choose from, as you’ll see below. Whether you want to take the low maintenance route with our hat and bib sets, or you prefer to go all out with the full costume, these outfits are perfect for any young Disney fan!
Disney Mickey and Minnie Costumes

Winnie the Pooh 
Do you remember spending time in the Hundred Acre Woods with Pooh and his friends? We sure do! The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh has been one of the most delightful tales of friendship in children’s literature and Disney history! This Halloween, you can dress your baby as your favorite Winnie the Pooh character with these adorable jumpsuits!
Winnie the Pooh Infant Costumes

Disney Princesses
There is nothing more coveted in the world of Disney than to hold the title of being a Disney princess. This Halloween, your baby girl can join the elite ranks of Disney royalty with these adorable costumes below! Dress her up in one of these lovely costumes, and she can begin her love for Disney at a ripe and early age!

Disney Princess Infant Costumes

Disney-Pixar Pals
In more recent years, Disney has been transformed into the digital age with its popular Pixar collaborations including Toy Story and Monsters Inc. These lovable computer-animated creations have become some of Disney’s most beloved and cherished characters. Now, you can dress your child as the perfect Disney-Pixar character with these charming costumes!
Toy Story Infant Costumes

With these great costume ideas, your child can be the ultimate Disney fan (and the cutest one, too!) For a great deal on your next Disney costume, be sure to shop with us! Also, subscribe to our blog to get great costume ideas all Halloween long. Until next time, happy haunting everyone!

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