DIY Disney Costumes: Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Recently, we shared with you our DIY ideas for Mike and Sulley costumes from Monsters Inc. We loved the ideas so much that we've decided to put together another pair of great Disney inspired looks for couples. This time, we went with the classics, Mickey and Minnie Mouse! Who doesn’t love this endearing couple? Whether you’re planning a trip to the happiest place on earth or looking for an outfit for a couples costume party, these looks would be the perfect way to express your love of Disney and each other!

Minnie Mouse
Get this adorable Minnie look by combining any red tutu with cartoon hand gloves, a fitted black tank top, and cute yellow shoes. Top off the look with the licensed Minnie Mouse ears to pull this sweet outfit together.
Minnie Mouse Ears Headband Accessory
Organza Ballerina Tutu
Cartoon Hands Adult Gloves
Mickey Mouse
Who’s Minnie without her Mickey? To pull off the perfect Mickey Mouse look, you can start with a pair of bright red shorts and a basic black tee. Accessorize your outfit with cartoon hands and feet to create an animated look. Lastly, complete the look with the featured licensed Mickey Mouse ears headband to create the unmistakable style of everyone’s favorite cartoon mouse!
Mickey Mouse Ears Headband
Cartoon Hands Adult Gloves
Cartoon Feet Adult Shoe Covers
With these perfect Disney looks, the two of you will have coordinating costumes that are both stylish and unique. Visit to find all of these featured accessories and more. You can also check out our Pinterest for more DIY costume ideas. If you liked these looks, or if you would like to request for us to feature other characters, feel free to leave us a comment!

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